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Full day sessions are available. We believe that in order for children to receive the full benefit from their nursery experience, they should attend for a minimum of two days per week.

We charge a £150 non refundable registration fee. Two to three months before starting we will then require one month’s fees as a deposit. This will confirm the space.

After this, payment is monthly in advance by standing order or childcare vouchers. To change the days of attendance, we require at least one month's written notice depending on availability.

We accept Childcare Vouchers from many providers. Paul will be happy to help you with the necessary arrangements.

From 3 years onwards all children receive the 15 hours grant. If both parents are working and neither is earning more than £100k p.a. you can apply for the additional 15 hours (30 hours in total).

Also there area number of ways open to help cushion the cost of fees for all ages which can be found on

Please contact us to discuss your options.