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Happy 2016

Dear Parents,

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a happy, prosperous, peaceful 2016.

First of all an important announcement.  

After more than 10 years with Bridge Lane Nursery, our manager, Cerasela Anton, will be leaving us for pastures new at the end of January.  

The new manager of Bridge Lane Nursery will be Paul Cryan, currently room leader in the pre-school room.

We will miss Cerasela very much as she has been with us since the very early days of Bridge Lane but she has decided to move onto other things. I am sure you will join with us all here in wishing her all the best for the future. With Cerasela at the helm Bridge Lane has consistently been rated Outstanding by Ofsted; and we would like to place on record our thanks for her sterling work during her tenure as manager.

Paul will formally take up his new post from Monday 1st February, he has been teaching for 12 years and currently combines his role here with 2 days a week at Chelsea Independent College; from which he will step down so as to concentrate on his new responsibilities.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Important dates this term

Tuesday 12th January we are very lucky to be able to welcome John and Linda Bayley.  They will be here to offer advice on managing behaviour of young children.

Please do attend this talk if you can as children’s behaviour is absolutely a partnership process between nursery and home and is important that children get the same signals from both parties so as to establish boundaries.

This term’s topic  is colours, shapes and numbers. We will be using the theme of colours, numbers and shapes to introduce your children to different areas of learning.


- Encourage your toddler to talk about the colours of clothes whilst dressing in the morning
- Talk about favourite colours. It would be fantastic if you could work with your child to fill an A4 page about your favourite colour. To find things to stick, to draw pictures with their favourite colours, scribble, add photos and do whatever they like and bring it into nursery to show to the other children.
- Learning more about the wider variety of shapes and numbers in the environment
- Developing a wide vocabulary, naming numbers      

Out and About

- Draw attention to the way colour is used on signs and for warning lights. Talk about the colours cyclists wear so that they can be easily seen. Look for flowers and begin to associate their names with the shapes and colours. In shops get children o point to different coloured items.
- As you walk in the streets, gardens or parks draw your child’s attention to shapes and numbers that you come across
- Encourage them to look at different levels, the pattern of paving slabs, the shapes of windows and doors, the scallops of roof tiles. Count the number of stairs, the numbers on the bus

What are the opportunities for learning?

- Becoming more aware of the range and importance of colours
- Experiencing and handling different materials
- Asking questions, investigating and exploring

Number and time rhymes

- ‘Two little dicky birds’
- ‘Five little ducks’
- ‘Five fat sausages’
- ‘One, two, three, four, five’
- ‘Blast off'
- ‘Ten in a bed’

Special stories

Visit your local library and choose a special story book connected to your chosen colour. What about 'Little Red Riding Hood' or a book with a big red and black ladybird on the cover?

Autumn term recap

I am sure everyone who was able to attend enjoyed the visit of Father Christmas at the beginning of December almost as much as the children.

The autumn term also saw the children doing many seasonal activities, learning about many things in and out of the nursery whenever possible. This included trips to Chelsea Fire Station, Battersea Park and local libraries.

Also we would like to say a big “Congratulations!” to Fiona Didd and her partner David of the preschool staff who gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter just before Christmas.