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Summer 2016

Over the next 6 weeks we will be following a holiday theme throughout the nursery, on fun and games. The older children have contributed to the planning- we are also focusing on the learning opportunities, and some activities you can follow at home

Please remember that your contribution can have a positive impact on your child’s development and learning,

Local parks

On Fridays we will be going on short trip to Fred Well's garden or Battersea Park. We will play lots of different games with our friends on swings and seesaws.Holiday time: Showing a range of feelings when appropriate - Shadows and shade.

These activities using shade and silhouettes will raise awareness of staying safe in the sun, eg: guess the shadow.

- Talk about transport using the pictures
- Using a feely bag get children to pass around and describe
- Talk about the different journeys that we make
- Talking about safety and crossing the road
- Practice crossing the road, look left, looks right, if it’s safe then over you go. Did they remember to stop, look and listen? Remind the children to always hold an adults hand when crossing the road. Emphasize the traffic lights, talk about the different colours.       

Vocabulary Safe, wait, look, listen, traffic lights, seat belt. Prepositions from stories and activities.

Special activities outside

- The children to take turns on bicycles riding through the water and making tracks,
- Give children water in buckets and big paintbrushes get them to paint on different surfaces
- Using the parachute name different children get those to run in and out back to their places
- Getting children to switch places with one another, calling l out names, run underneath
- Make simple number plates for all the sit and ride toys, number plates, personalized names              


Alfie’s new shoes by Shirley Hughes
Mr Gumpy’s outing by John Burningham
Whatever next by Jill Murphy
Honk! Honk! by Mick Manning
Percy’s bumpy ride by Nick Butterworth
My journey around the world by Alison Morris
Sailor Bear By Martin Waddell
My Days out by Nick Sharratt 
Postman Pats holiday by John Cunliffe
Teddy bears take the train by Susanna Grey
Frog and the wide world by Max Velthuijs 

Songs and rhymes

This little Puffin
Poems about journeys (Wayland)
We’re going on a bear hunt Michael Rosen


- Play musical chairs
- Use movement get children to skip, run, hop, freeze, march, move slowly, fast, bend down stretch up
- Set out the chairs pretend to take tickets and be a bus conductor
- Practice throwing and catching with different sized balls skittles and bean bags, remind children to keep their eyes on the ball      
- Footprints count the number of wheels on different cars discuss the properties of a boat How does a boat move? How does a car move? How does a bicycle move? etc
- A game to play 0-9 a box of cubes or the bears. Put the cards in order. Put out the number of bears in a pattern. Starter person takes a cube; others shut eyes, winner points to missing cube. Starter puts  cube goes back, winner hides cube
- Look at pictures of road signs and discuss the shapes used, tell the children what the signs mean. Ask them to choose a sign and copy a road sign
- Count and compare the small cars, count them put them into colour groups and put a number in front of them when you have counted them
​- Get the cylinders or the marble run. Get children to drop the marbles through the cylinders counting them as they go
- Play a game with a big dice. Put a number of cars in a row. Throw a dice and take that number. How many did you take? How many are left?
- Roll vehicles down a plank of wood, what happens if you increase the angle of the piece of wood?
- Practice crossing the road, look left, looks right, if it’s safe then over you go. Did they remember to stop, look and listen? Remind the children to always hold an adults hand when crossing the road. Emphasize the traffic lights, Talk about the different colours.
- Help the children discover more about where they live?
- Moving around using different actions. One bet of the drum to stop, 2 beats they must turn around and move in the opposite direction.                
- We will be making the costumes out of recycled and colourful collage materials as well as 3D junk model:  seaside, beach, under sea, musical instruments and props for a parade.    

Pre-school Graduation day- on the 28th July, Thursday, at 16.00

September events

New Menu

We have been working with a paediatric nutritionist to refine our menu and we will be introducing our new menu from September. More information closer to the time.

Gardening classes for pre-schoolers:

From September we will be introducing pre-school to the wonders of gardening by having Francis Smith from Studio Cultivate to take small groups of children and teach them all about plants and much more.

One of the things we plan is to turn our playground wall into a ‘living wall’ with climbing plants and children will also be growing their own food.

Yoga from Tatty Bumpkin

September will also see the return of the very popular Tatty Bumpkin yoga classes for Toddlers and pre-school.

Every week we have ‘fruity tunes’ with John

Teddy Tennis Joshua continues with tennis classes every Thursday`s as will the Small Sports Club run by Gareth.

For the Babies’ and Mobiles‘ room we will also be hosting a Teddy bear’s picnic - always great fun.

And finally….

Our own hardy perennial is the buggy park! Parents are politely reminded to consider others when parking prams and fold pushchairs whenever possible.

All at Bridge Lane wish you a great summer!